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infj-t || bi/demi

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Uploaded July 23, 1:04 PM


(aka xdarkhq)

no reposts! remakes are cool; please give credit & tag me!

DNFI basic dni crit, -14, +21, nsfw account, racist/sexist/pedo/proship etc. dnf or other irl ship. mcyts *stans* (fans r cool)
BYF i am semi ia on insta, but don't hesitate to send me a dm! ♡ if you want, add my discord I’m always talking there akusghost#0806

Please refer to me as dark or aj !
I'm shy, but always open to make friends! Don't ever hesitate to dm or message me <3 I’m literally the worlds least intimidating person ever
I can be sarcastic at times, but I'll usually use tone indicators!

anime, cartoons, retro videogames, music, skateboarding, drawing, editing, snow mountain maki, shiba inus ohmygod I love shibes!!nintendogs kou my beloved /ij, after effects


OMORI, jshk, kny, bungou stray, south park, sk8, bfdi, sonic, zelda, eddsworld, camp camp, ace attorney, yttd, genshin, minecraft, identity v, umibe no etranger, persona 5, osu!, others I can’t think of
Friends !
jay, jorji, strade, "homies" (seiko, jayden, nanda, kei, sharky, ango), reki, rei, pidge, lan, ace, spence, killian, niya, spilley, mokyu, rosie, twist, hikaru, somz, sora & more cool people!